Hunting + Gathering                      1995 - 2015

I always loved 17th century “tromp l’œil" still-life paintings : hyper-realistic scenes twisting the laws of nature.  Assembling my own digital gardens is magical... visceral... predatory... delicious ... convoluted... alien... bejeweled... camouflaged....  and as natural as a thousand centuries of collision and collusion between nature and culture.  

Beetles & Berries
Beetles & Berries
Beetles & Berries
Forest Metallica II
Waxwings & Twigs
Snake Bouquet
Beetles & Berries
Deer & Birds
Hawk & Woodpeckers
Fox and Birds
Hawk, Crow & Eggs
Reptiles Up
Boa & Hybrid Tea
Lotus Eaters
Wax Wings & Persimmons
Iguana with Tomatoes
Potato & Lizards
Old Temptation
Fish Bones
Cornucopia SQ
Mushrms short #7
One Oyster
Maryland Crabs
Western Stream Scroll
Pink Mag Scroll  Owls
'12 SCROLL BirdTwigs #5 WEB size
Mushroom Scroll

©Susan Felter 2015