Surfaces                                          2004 - current

Heat and pressure on trillions of skeletons of tiny ancient organisms becomes the treasured rock called marble. I love finding abstract elegance and metaphor in such ancient surfaces within cultural sites. Recently, I've also been studying the ephemeral patterns of water and ice surfaces in built environments.

Vierzehnheiligen, Germany
S. Maria in Aquiro, Rome
S. M. degli Angeli 1, Rome
S.M. degli Angeli 2, Rome
Prayer Wraps, Jodhpur
Taj Mahal 1
Taj Mahal, Agra
Jantar Mantar 1, Jaipur
Natural History Museum, N.Y
Duomo, Florence
Young Othello
Kariye Chora, Istanbul
National Gallery, D.C
Siena Duomo
Arcosanti Pool 1 SQ
Arcosanti 2 SQ

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